Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Canine Magic

This brand of magic is for all times. Dogs love you even when you are no longer young. And then we get older and older and really old, and we can still feed dogs and play with them.

There is an old woman in Delhi, a poor one, who feeds four hundred dogs by collecting garbage and selling whatever can be recycled from that junk.She is the living proof of what I am talking about. You can see her picture No matter who you are, dogs love you.
Dogs are our live toys, and we are their heroes.
Truly a win-win situation.

In a confused, crazy, complex world, where it is not enough to survive and fend for yourself, and where we come face to face with greed and mindless craze for controls, these ball of fur roll into our lives, literally and bless us with their warmth.

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