Friday, January 25, 2008

Shah rukh

Let me tell you hw i became a fan of shah rukh; I was a young newly wed who thought that people should not live beyond the age of forty; used to think that bossy grumpy people were ridiculous...couldn't relate to them at all.
One day I was watching this teleserial called "Wagle ki duniya" Wagle was a grouchy middle aged character with a purposeful and permanent frown on his face. He travels to office by scooter, which dashes against a car(dont remember the details of the minor accident, was probably cutting veggies at that time). Wagle is all out to create a scene; he stamps his feet, yells and pulls the the car driver out of thecar etc.
This driver turns out to be a very nice kid; He's cool and friendly and tries to placate the angry wagle. He has a distinct style of speaking andmoving; very original. In the story, the nice kid takes wagle to the police station, confesses to his mistake there, and makes suitable amend ments. And I thought.. why cant I be like this kid? Why am I horrid to people like this wagle character?
The kid who made such an impression on me was none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Later when I watched the popular serial of t hat time, "Fouji" I recognized him and thought, 'that nice kid and doing so well too', everyone started to like him after fouji. But I like to think that I am his first fan.
I also like the way Shah rukh is managing his career doing movies like chak de and omshanthiom
Love you Shah rukh!