Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have discovered the best way to make friends. We have issues with 'friends' because we are often distracted by the happening people. I have read numerous teen novels about girls wanting to be part of a glamorous crowd and trying to fit in with an 'in' set and ignoring real friends etc. But even adults are distracted by noisy nonsensical pretenders.
We believe we can have good fun with those who dress up and speak up. But in reality, they are taking so much effort to appear as if they are enjoying themselves that they really don't have energy for anything else. In contrast, a lot of quiet looking people try their hands at fun stuff like organizing good parties, fund raising, trecking, travelling etc.
So the best way to make friends is to stay connected to the maybe not so cool, but really active people, who have no  interest in putting up a show of being hip. Let me repeat what so many have said in so many ways, "Looks are deceptive"; especially when we are looking for friends.