Tuesday, January 13, 2015

stupid coke ad

Sanskrit, a dead language and English, the language of the world are two of the twenty two official languages of India. On top of this there are over 1750 languages spoken in this country.

Everyone knows that there is a language known as hindi. I belong to a state in the southern part of the the country, where political parties emerged and succeeded because they opposed the imposition of Hindi.
Even today, very few people in Tamil nadu, my state, can speak in Hindi. People in the north, where several languages are spoken and where a large percentage also speak Hindi are amazed that we do not speak this dominant language
They constantly poke fun at the Tamil language. Blissfully unaware of this the Tamil state which is stereotyped as rowdy has not retaliated.

When I worked for a short period with Hindi speaking people, I got to hear all these jokes. One of their theories is that Tamils add the sound aaaa to all words. Even after I explained that this sound was a grammatical addition to frame questions like the English 'eh?" You are going eh? Tamils say you are going a?

But to no avail. They continued to say. You forgot your helmeta. You go righta. I will go lefta.

Further proof to this is provided by the latest coke ad.

Adjusta ....very irritating.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

No logic here

Enough of ancient Indian science.

"Indians always knew everything. They invented the Pythogoras theorem. There was a plane in the Ramayana."

Not only is this unscientific and embarrassing social behaviour. It also moves our focus away from Indian academics as it is today.

Are we scientific? (yes, some ancient Indians were, but are you, and you and you?)
Is there a passion for science among kids?
Are they into non corporate research? science for the sake of science?
Are they even curious?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Logic vs Good intent

Warm coats for stray dogs to see them through very cold winter nights ! Sounds like a good idea. Not if it rains unexpectedly.

Well meaning people manage to dress up strays in T shirts and tiny coats. Who would dare to go up to a soaking wet and shivering stray after a shower and help him off his clothes? Not a mere commentator like me!!!

Give it up folks! It's a really bad idea.

I didn't take this picture. Just downloaded it because it shows an important truth. Rustics in villages
and the poor in India shower dogs with love and take good care of them.