Monday, April 30, 2012

Ten reasons why India doesn't produce sportsmen.
1.Schools have no or very little ground space. Parents only check if the buildings are good, not if there are sufficient courts for various games or if the school has purchased games equipment such as hockey sticks or nets.
2.There are only one or two hours allotted for games every week. One young person I used to despise in every way, once made a very sensible statement, "If I were the principal of the school, I would have one hour of games every day." Personally , if I became the director of school education, I would have two or three hours of games every day.
3. The games teacher handles the difficult task of space management, by asking the girls to sit in small groups and chat, while letting boys use the only available basket ball court or volley ball court.In case the school has no such facility, the boys still manage to play lagaan cricket.
4. Parents constantly tell children to study.Guests ask kids if they study well. No one asks them if they play well.No encouragement. Low awareness of the importance of games.
5.There are very few government schemes to help sportspersons. There are complaints of favoritism, as children or relatives of coaches and government officials make use of the schemes for personal profit.
6. There are no playgrounds in cities. The concept of the play ground has ceased to exist.The once popular haunts of kids, where children used to play games such as catch and blind man's buff, have now been converted into apartment blocks.
Am sure there are ten reasons. will write them as andwhen i remember.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Very heavy in the heart after having watched a 1976 Italian movie, whose title google translated as "Ugly, dirty and bad". The movie on you tube has no english subtitles. The visuals spoke so much that there was no need to understand even a single word. It is about squalor and slum life. Not something totally new to me. I have read about it in stories and a couple of movies. The energy and the survival instincts of the extremely poor is portrayed along with all their gross ways of going about tackling the insurmountable odds stacked against them. The sound track became a little pleasant when children were shown.

I however, felt terrible when i saw the end. It was an uncompromising end. It showed no ray of hope or scope for change in the lives of all concerned. The movie begins with a  prepubescent girl beginning the day with an assortment of cans in which she fills water from a public tap. The little girl is shown as responsible for taking care of kids, shepherding them into a wired enclosure, as the parents go to work, taking care of them during crisis. The director shows her run to a hedge and jump on  a few stones playfully on her way to fill water. She does exactly the same thing in the last scene. Only now she is pregnant.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Haven't been recording any of the stuff happening....when stuff keeps happening all the time.... any way thought i would be regular if  i began with funny stuff from college. The notice board in one of the colleges i go to, is a blackboard, where info is chalked out. Primitive, but useful. Yesterday, the board carried the names of the staff who were in charge of issuing hall tickets to different groups of students. One gifted student decided to modify his teacher Deepa's name. He rubbed off the D, (gender bias intended, am sure it's a he) and wrote a P in it's place, making her name Peepa, which means 'barrel' in tamil. The enraged teacher went to the Principal and requested him never to put her name on the board again. She would do any duty assigned to her, But since it was a small college, it would be sufficient to put up the room number, where the students had to go.