Monday, February 23, 2015

Two years ago I crossed two thousand six hundred kms to reach an unknown city. It was a movement towards a new experience. A restful period followed; I did not establish new contacts and kept up minimally as possible with what had been my community.  I was also now in the loving company of my daughter and her friends.
Away from the frenetic compulsions of my old job, I did this and that till realized that I was finally in a position to try my hand at writing: something I had always wanted to do. I got myself the wonderful companionship of a dog, stopped getting out of my house, taught online to help with bills, and started taking up textbook writing projects ( the only kind of writing assignments I seemed to be getting)Now I can even toy with the idea of giving up teaching totally. I have worked on interesting projects that seem to find their way to unambitious, non-enterprising me.

At the end of this month we are moving southward again. Two thousand kms with our puppy, who is almost a dog. Going southward as a writer. Happy!
But most importantly, for the first time in my life, I have known hours, even days of idleness. Almost beginning to relax and actually tasting fun that I have not slogged over in the first place to make it happen.
Travelling to exotic places without looking at the calendar. Spending a whole day and then another, and then countless other days without looking at a clock.

 Came face to face with a different culture; so many talented people, rich and poor; a different climate , a different environment! Grateful to Gurgaon and its multiple faces. Good bye!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal is now Chief Minister of Delhi. So many south Indians who support the Hindutva party (although they are not seriously conscious of how backward and cruel to minorities that party is) are amazed.
Such a strong mandate!

For the muffler man!

Wake up, fellow Indians. People in Delhi did not suffer a lapse of judgement.

go facebook posts. That man resigned in 49 days. He destroyed the trust the people had placed on him.

Why would they vote for him? they raise their eyebrows in mock disbelief. Because disbelief is not what they feel. It's shock. They have yet to realize that Modi and HIndutva are jingo jangos. They are shocked that someone who roots for the common man and fights corruption can actually get such a large mandate.
What people from other parts of India do not  know is that people in Delhi enjoyed 49 days of strict governance. Auto driver and cab drivers tell us that they were never intercepted by the police on those 49 days for commissions. Make shift homes for the homeless made the streets much safer for all.They did pay very less for electricity for a month and a half. The water supply was better than ever. Lots of unregulated workers got permanent posts in the government. Just in a month and a half, they showed that governments can work too.
So they trust Kejriwal, even though he 'ran away'.
He is back, with a better team than before, I hear.

Good luck Kejriwal.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Everyday I think of things I want to blog about.

Vow to myself that I would review movies I watch and books I read.

Nothing happens when I find the time to write.I don't even remember even a bit of anything or even what that line or thought was about.

OK. I love my dog and spend a lot of time with her (That's all I can think of placing on record)