Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is the logic here?

Since my previous post was pretty dumb, I decided to stir up things a bit.

I have a question for transexuals. Why do you claim to be women? Does the lack of manhood entitle you to womanhood?

Lots of sympathies for your not getting your due. Our society should include you in all kinds of group projects provided you are qualified and willing to work. We should be ready to recognize your talents and value your contributions.
On my part, I can adopt you into my family if you are ready to share my values and be responsible, hardworking, affectionate and creative. But I will not accept you as women. Why do you dress like women when you look like men? Those clothes don't suit you.

If you don't have male hormones, does it mean that you have a uterus and can bear children? Is woman hood nothing but the lack of manhood? Is there no other way to draw attention to your plight?  Can't you wear male clothes that suit you better and face your complex issues?
When a woman has her uterus removed due to cancer or something else, does she pretend she is a man? Will you accept her as a man?  NO, because she is not a man. Why do you pretend to be women? Women may wear trousers for comfort or fashion....but not because they have an identity crisis.Everybody has problems , some simple, some complex and some that cannot be resolved. I cannot understand your problem and want to know why you behave the way you do.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A very exhausting week! Reasons could  be as follows.
1. Doing unfamiliar work
2. Working out without a trainer
3. Eating infrequently

4. Inability to sleep
5. Working without a break
6.Working on mundane tasks
7. forgetting to listen to music while doing mundane tasks
8. interacting with emotionally exhausting friends, who have high blood pressure and have a tendency to yell and be rude.
9.trying to make them work on a project together and networking constantly on the phone.
It could any of these and I particularly suspect reason 8, because i don't usually get involved in emotional dramas and now am in the core of one.  Of course, reason 4 is an equally taxing problem... so....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

how i helped two girls

The first girl is a student from a local community college. I teach English for school drop outs who can get a diploma from the university if they did a one year course in this college. ok? This particular day one of the girls seemed to be out of sorts. She is a tall, very skinny and dark girl; a very intelligent and a little unsocial, kinda stubborn girl. ok?
Raji: What's up ? you seem out of sorts
Antony: (that's her name) (looked at me without expression)
Muthu:(that's also a girl's name) her brother beat her
Raji: Why?
Geeta: He wants her to come to thirunelveli and get married immediately

Muthu: She cried all morning
Raji: you refused to go with him?
Anthony nodded
Raji: What did your mother do? She did not stop him?
Anthony: They both beat me. They beat me all through Saturday and Sunday.
Raji: What!!!! How could you let them? How can you allow anyone to beat  you ( I rephrased this several times like, " NO one should touch you, no one has the right to touch you blah blah ) ( ofcourse i didnt say it emotionally  but slowly and dramatically)
Anthony just stared at me. A 15 year old boy sitting next to me kept nodding his head , which encouraged me.
Raji: You should glare at him. Did you try that?
Anthony: If I did that he would beat me for that too. You are a girl and you dare to glare at an elder brother? That's what they would say.
Raji : So what if he still beats you. He will hesitate for a second. If you accept his beatings silently, he would go on beating. You should not let him beat you ....( again repeated this 2 0r 3 times and again the boy nodded, more to himself than to me.)

Anthony has styled her hair with a clip and looks charged
Raji: Hey what happened? Your brother left?
Anthony: Ma'am I bit him when he beat me. First I tried to glare at him. He said," How dare you glare at a brother?" and came to hit me, then I caught his hand and bit it.
Raji: Did he beat you after that?
Anthony: No, ma'am.. they were quiet and didn't beat me.
Raji: That's great. See... I told you...but you should be careful now. If you are careless, they will try to hurt you again.

End of that story
Then again I helped another girl write a mail  to her boy friend and dump him. In this case too the girl was an affected party.  Since I can't give the details, this goes into my CV in the most brief form as possible.Ofcourse, am messaging her a couple of times a day to check if she is ok.

End of both stories. interesting, huh?