Friday, November 19, 2010

Plastic , the magic as well as the logic of it

I love plastic, the range of  colours it comes in and the shine of it! Plastic bangles and ear rings go very well with casual wear and synthetic sarees.The amazing beauty of matching plastic accessories is literally invisible to the Indian eye, which thinks of gold as a synonym for jewellery. We Indians never seem to realize that gold ornaments get to look so dirty and dull and don't really match the dizzying variety of fabrics and designs of the times.
Apart from accessories, the use of plastic as a watertight dust proof cover is indisputable. No other cover, made of paper or cloth, can protect as plastic does. It looks hip too and is inexpensive. There must surely be a way to recycle plastic and rather than make a hue and cry of plastic degrading the environment, we should find ways to dispose off waste plastic successfully.
Personally, I think few things can look as pretty as a red, shiny, plastic mug.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some unfulfilled wishes/hopes

1.attend the republic day parade in a foreign university
3.ride/drive a car with the hood open
4.visit/bathe in a hot water spring a book or two everyday
6. be surrounded by thousands of books the whole day long
8.write for three or four hours everyday in the metros (not just projects, work for a period at least) near the beach as I did in my childhood

Well, it could go on if I set my mind to explore my heart and my heart to approve of what my mind says, but 10 is a good number. tata

Monday, November 1, 2010

I have always had a sneaking suspicion that men sing better than women; this sounds so outrageously disloyal to my kind, ie womankind, that I console myself that the faults of the male species far outweigh this one superior gift of theirs. Initially I used to justify my feeling that men sounded better by saying that being a woman I was attracted by the male voice. But after years of listening to music I feel more and more that men sing with greater finesse, experiment with a variety of nuances and let go of inhibitions and stereotypical singing to a far greater extent than women. The range and power of their voices are definitely superior.For those who don't listen to much music, I would recommend that they listen to the male and female versions of "Katrin mozhi" from the film mozhi and the mohammed rafi and asha's singing of "Abhi na jao chodkar" from the film hum dono. There have been exceptional women singers and exceptionally and universally popular ones but men do seem to sing better than women,