Tuesday, April 26, 2016

No logic today

Wanted to delete some of my older posts.

Not for their poor quality, but because I don't even understand them.

What was I thinking?

But believe me, I think deeply. And out of respect for my habitual thoughtfulness, I logged out without deleting those posts.It was some logical train of thought that I failed to capture on paper. A thought so badly expressed that it seems illogical now. An idea so fragmented that I neither recognize or remember it for what it was in my mind.

 Surely people who read them will skip my blog.

Sorry to those who had to read it.But you will not read my 'sorry', because you, of course, are avoiding my blog.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Logically speaking of bad behaviour and the buts

Bad behaviour is abhorrent. But, I have come to realize something.
I have always avoided interacting with the badly behaved. But it was wrong of me to categorize all such people as one and do that.
Bad behaviour is hurtful. But my habit of judging people just for behaviour was definitely childish.

Behaviour is just one aspect of a person. A person may not have lived in an environment that taught them good behaviour, or may not have the instinct to present themselves to others in a pleasing or unobjectionable manner.
But he or she might want to save the world or serve others. Like our nurses and grass root political workers.
 They might not have social awareness,, but might be mindful of rules, like all those who stop at red lights, and pay their taxes.
They might not smile at a neighbour, but might be supporting an extended family.
f I think about it, I do know so many nasty people who worry more about their family than they do about their own health.
A human being is complex. No story about any human can possibly encompass his or her reality fully, but can only capture snapshots of a life. 
I think my realization is going to add a lot of positive vibes to my everyday.
Also I would stop trusting well behaved people and hanging out only with them, as they can be totally useless otherwise.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sensible, logical me, me, me

Last post I wrote about how I was dysfunctional and could not blog. But the week after that I haven't been blogging for better reasons.
They are,
I am
working on a textbook.
and at the same time,
formatting some files for some other organization, (I might get fired from this assignment, as I am awful at this work)
and at the same time,
trying to get into something totally new, related to scripts of tv shows.

signing off with exhaustion and feeling a whole lot better about myself
yours truly

a currently logical Indian

Monday, April 11, 2016

illogical nonsense and me

So, why was my blog left without entries for such a long time.
I did a lot of stupid things.
a. Stumbled on a hillock and got a thorn thrust into my ankle
b. was sick for over a week because I kept going on hikes with a sore ankle

c. a pregnant lady got scared and stumbled on her car tyre, and fell on seeing my dog, which was a good two hundred metres away, and I let her husband be nasty to my whole family, without cutting him to size right at the beginning. (doctor said she and the baby were fine, the same night, btw)
d. Iocked myself out of my house and climbed into the first floor with the help of a ladder to let myself in
e. fell from my scooter and was injured
I think around that time, I did many more stupid things, but can't remember.
All this happens because I try to do too many things at a time. kinda slowed down and want to do only important things from now on.
Cheers to good sense and less stupidity. I love my dogs snoozing at my feet and all is well at the moment.