Sunday, March 21, 2010

The princess and the peas

The Princess and the peas is an intriguing fairy tale. It starts with a princess who is drenched in an outpour and lost in the woods, knocking on the doors of a castle. The queen who lets her in is not sure if she really is the princess that she claims to be. She decides to test her . She places a tiny pea below her mattress and piles several layers of soft mattresses on it and invites the princess to lie down on it.
Being used to a luxuriously soft bed, the princess finds this one uncomfortable and tosses n turns all night. The next morning the queen makes sly queries about the princess' night and is thrilled to find out that the younger woman had hardly slept. She declares that the lady is indeed a princess and gets her married to her son, the prince.
One wonders how few human beings, leave alone females, are as sensitive as the princess! And a woman, can she afford to be like the princess? Leave alone the fact that city bred girls who play rough sports and don metro sexual garments have no penchant for soft luxurious beds and dainty hands or backs; there is another question worthy of consideration. Is sensitivity related to the body alone? Can a woman afford to have a sensitive mind? If someone decides to make her uncomfortable can she toss and turn in her bed and complain aloud? Or would she be able to wreak royal vengeance on the perpetrators of humiliation that is dished out everywhere in private as well public?
The common (wo) man who compromises and puts up a show of complaisant normalcy lets things pass and is found everywhere. What about the princess? Is such a character around? Hello Princess!!! you there?