Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some faults od mine that destroy the magic in life

1.Impatience with people i consider to be stupid (later i realize they are just people who are different)
2. Arrogance ; too sure of my ideas and aggressive in promoting my line of thought
3. Being distracted 23 hours a day
4. talking to but not really talking to people who are not like me
5.inability to make genuine small talk
6.assuming things about others
7.talking most of the time
8. talking unnecessarily
9.trying to make a story of life
10.inability to understand what others feel about me.
hmmm the list seems to be growing longer than i intended. 10 is a good number to stop.Sigh!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

movie review

No one wore make up and everyone looked normally healthy, by which i mean they were mostly squat. By  squat I mean that most of the people were five feet tall and two feet wide. The clothes, every bit of material used by the characters, are used ones, mostly faded to the point of being non-distinguishable in colour. It was possible to relate to every single character in the film and observe all their doings with interest. And all through the first half an hour of the film I was conscious of the fact that no main character had been introduced and i was still trying to guess what the title of the film was all about.But I was  watching it with involvement.When a contrastingly good looking pair of young lovers are shown, they seem to be intrusive and their presence is barely tolerable.

 'Azhagar samiyin kuthirai' turned out to be a unique watch.  There are some unforgettable characters in the film. The kid who notices everything and questions grown ups with amazing logic; Azhagarsamy, the utterly convincing country bumpkin, with his pot belly, shock of curly hair and boundless energy; the spunky middle aged widow who thrashes the village lecher with a broom stick and defends the main character; the malayala mandharavadi (magician from kerala), the policeman in plain clothes who joins the bogus magician in exhorting money from the superstitious villagers, the smart and sensible Inspector of police. These characters are depicted by actors who not only look their parts but add life and power to them with their realistic portrayal.
You never know what to expect as the film proceeds. The narration seems so real that it is as unpredictable as any given day in our lives. The mystery of the lost horse is solved and peace and plenty are restored and there are two happy marriages. But this story has two romances, one of the standard variety involving the good looking pair, who elope from the village to escape the tension an inter-caste marriage could create. The second one, the cream filling in this cake is undeniably Azhagarsamy's romance with the beautiful girl and their affection for each other.
The locales have been tastefully selected and the camera moves along the winding paths of the hills used by village pedestrians and hovers over village landmarks where the quaint asbestos roofs are held in place with stones in a poor hamlet. A very subtle satire on rural Indian life, this film has you laughing aloud all along. Worth watching was what a friend told me when he recommended this film and to me and I second him heartily