Thursday, June 23, 2016

Logic of a star

A star performer, the darling of young people today has complained that strict rules should be passed on apps that enable everyone to download music. She feels that this reduces the income of musicians.

My response to this is the same that I felt when movie stars begged people to watch their movies in the theatre and not to buy pirated copies
Since I already wrote about that I am putting my repeat response in the form of questions.

Dear darling of the masses,

Aren't you happy and satisfied at the deepest level that hearts all over the world are beating to your music?
Isn't that what performing is all about? Knowing that the song reaches out and resonates in the hearts of friends and foes alike?
Before technology such as recording and copying happened wasn't the income of performers much lesser than what it is now?? Wasn't Mozart really, really poor?
Weren't most stars just local icons then?
Aren't you revered all over the world, and earn millions more, all because of technology?
Do you seriously think you can stop people from downloading music?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Is this magic or logic???

Monday, June 13, 2016

Magical once and illogical now

The loud speaker must, once upon a time, have been a miracle, a beloved broadcasting device and a symbol of holiday fun and entertainment. It must have been invented after the earlier miracle of recorded music came to be. It must have been the wonder of wonders in a sleepy village that set it up for a whole day's musical bonanza for villagers to enjoy during temple festivals.
When I was a kid, my family  lived in an area where many poor labourers had their homes. They celebrated a temple festival, during which they blocked the road with a large white cloth, the size of a cinema hall wall and showed glittering grand films of kings and Gods. We probably got the best view because our home had a terrace and we would sit through the cool night hours watching those films.
Fast forward a good four decades and you have 2016. Every beggar, urchin, every peddler on bicycles selling palm fruit and tender coconut, every house maid, every farmer and  labourer carries music and videos in his or her pocket.

Where is the logic in blaring religious music out on loud speakers when it is no longer required? And not just in village fairs, but on bustling city streets amidst high rises and staggering traffic! Totally no logic here!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

no magic, no logic without internet

watching films back to back because I have no internet.
It started with a dying laptop.
I had downloaded Windows 10, and it stopped getting connected to the internet. I managed to log in after several attempts
Everyday became a battle in which my reputation was injured.
Friends on whatsapp hooted at my 'busy' lifestyle.
Curt messages about urgent requirements from people waiting online for my work etched worry lines on my forehead.
Family members were aghast that I no longer 'liked' their posts and pictures or responded to what they had to say on facebook.

And then, the last ten days, I was totally unable to access the net. The service provider would not help or appear or pick our frantic, repeated calls.
All of a sudden, I got connected.
I swear, I am never moving my laptop from this spot,  nor letting it get switched of or ever closing the browser.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Logic then and now...sans magic

Reading the play "Votes for Women" by Elizabeth Kobing, about man-woman status in the late nineteenth and  the early part of the 20th century. This play opened in April 1907.
Women got the right to vote in a few years after that. The play talks less about demonstrations and jail time by women who fought for this right, and more about the attitude men and women had for this issue in particular and for social development on the whole.

Many rights have been gained by women. More and more women are 'allowed to study' (not me, I wasn't), 'allowed to work' (i fought hard and long, and was finally allowed), and of course, allowed to buy as many expensive clothes and finery as they could afford to.
Why do my eyes well up with tears? I am someone who moves on, and rarely looks backwards. I am free and independent today, but still all around me, the attitude of men and women towards women's status has not changed. Condescending, acting shocked at anything they don't approve of, staring in a gossipy way at women who walk and women still behave this way.
I just remind myself of some women in corporate today. They know what they want and what they have. They speak without self consciousness. They are focussed, busy, quick in thought and speech, not bothered about their looks and full of energy. May their tribe increase!