Saturday, June 27, 2015

Waiting for magic-2

One of my smarter friends, a great doctor actually, asked me what book I was working on. Nothing, so far. Smart for once, I evaded the question by talking about an award she has won.

Today I'm going to ask one author to be to send me her script.Also going to ask one  more to get on with what she started. Then there is a blog of re invention stories that wants to become a book.
Am planning to write short stories of my own.
As usual ideas are swimming in my head.
Fantasy series for kids, animated shorts for kids again- This I guess, would make money.

Let's see.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Making magic

Starting a publishing house..with the back up of talented family members. They have talent and a little money, and me...just the belief that I can write, edit and publish palatable stories

Publishing also seems to be a good business to be in, with lots of people in my country wanting to write.

Like I was, they were probably told by their English teachers that they were awesome, bright and skilled with words. But being good at writing and actually writing something; that too something which sells....

Those are the issues this publishing is going to look into.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Logically speaking, less or more?

I write this  blog
chat with many ppl from my past, reconnecting, encouraging, laughing....all online
teach kids thousands of miles away...on a whiteboard on my screen
tap on clothes I
buy milk, curd, rice, oats, vegetables,
watch my sister's family...on skype
plan my day with my immediate family...on whatsapp
I stay at home all day, without moving my butt...not even doing the thing I love the most, which is to ride my scooter....
Not good ...says my ex-neighbour, now in Australia...on whatsapp, just before she goes to bed, as I sip my late afternoon coffee.
Is it less of life or more of it?????

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tragic, not logic

1576 birds were killed in a hailstorm in Bangalore. More than 70 trees fell across the city.
People saw hailstones hit hundreds of birds, killing them instantly. The newspapers carried pictures of dead parrots scattered all over the floor.

They also said that parrots seated on peepal trees were saved, while those on coconut trees faced the wrath of nature with fatal results. Children have picked up the ones that managed to survive in spite of their broken wings and feet.
Crazy storm, one crazy storm

Monday, June 1, 2015

Beat this logic!

Beat this logic!!!

The flowers in my garden, the large red leaves of a  row of crotons are all mostly torn.
They are shapelessly still and don't look beautiful today.
It's the same story outside every house in our street, as well as in the parallel streets.

The sun shines sharp and bright.
So, is that it? Are the flowers wilting and drooping under his harsh glare?
No,no,no,no,no.....You must remember that that's how the sun is here in these parts. And the flowers usually dance in the wind, looking up cheerfully.
It was the hailstorm, and that was nearly twenty four hours ago: uprooting forty eight trees around Yelahanka; two in our street. It doesn't even sound logical that living things should be beaten up and torn into unsightly bits by what is usually food to them.
Glorious quantities of water, armed with ferocious winds and stones of ice rattled on man's pretentious roof tops, splintering the sturdy and the soft alike. This impartial hailstorm.