Sunday, July 12, 2015

Magic bubble burst

Fed my family fried poison - A Sunday staple

Travelled a long way to watch a Tamil play. So how did the bubble in the title burst?

It was an average production.....ageing actors playing teens in a historical romance

BAAAD multi colour zari costumes

below average sets

And they had attempted to recreate an epic that had coloured the collective grey cells of Tamils for over fifty years with their paltry assets

Not only were the actors old...really rough faced and with physique unsuited to heroism...they did not come to life on stage...

I persuaded my family...we paid a huge sum for tickets, spent a good six hours in pursuit of a bubble that burst ...PHLAT...on my face :(

Monday, July 6, 2015

Black Magic - Indian Style - We call it caste!!!

This post was inspired by a twenty year old Tamil film that I saw snippets of today, titled ,"Indira". It portrayed a heroine who stands up for the lower caste in spite of being beaten, mauled and humiliated. Being the feel good flick that it was, Indira brings about a change of heart among those fo the next generation. A flood punishes the upper caste tyrants.

Twenty years later, newspapers  still abound with stories of caste atrocities. Stories of discrimination that have gone unreported, unnoticed and unacknowledged are literally innumerable.

My daughter who watched the film with me said that it had potential for a sequel.

Lots of changes in the landscape and the landmarks here! But nothing much has changed for the lower castes. They are still undernourished, undeveloped and of course, as untouched as ever!

If someone wants to produce a sequel, he does not have to look far. Nothing much has changed here!