Friday, February 5, 2016

Candy crush logic

I finally understood the logic behind candy crush levels.

You got it right, I am a bit slow in many things.

If you want to go to the next level in this game you pay in gold bars. Once the gold bars get over, you can ask your friends for life.  If you don't have friends, you can invite friends. So more people get to play the game. Or you can pay and buy more gold bars, which also come with offers.

Now this post of mine may be read by more people because I used the words candy crush. Great!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How to see both magic and logic

Above all, we should look around us, then watch, observe and listen to people around us carefully. Only then we will be able to understand the logic and be startled by the magical outcomes of interaction.
Sometimes we are bombarded by quick comments, easy replies and hasty conclusions, and get carried away by the drama.
Films, novels and drama on television create an illusion that life is made up of important and interesting scenes, and in the absence of such continuous and obvious drama in comfortable middle class lives, we feel compelled to create them for our benefit and that of others.
I benefit a lot by watching people and handle tricky situations carefully, and even when I mistakes that have terrible consequences, my behaviour is close to normal. But I was not always so.
As a young person, my life experiences seemed shocking, upsetting and as badly handled as could be. I wish someone had taught me to watch, observe and understand people. I wish I had taught this to my kids.
I do help a lot of young people to cope with situations professionally, but really wish some one had looked at me, say when I was in college and asked, " What's wrong?" and I had trusted them enough to talk to them.