Sunday, May 16, 2010

A pretty OK road Madurai-Theni

Why wax eloquent on good roads? In all my short sojourns for work or pleasure, bad roads have made me go late for meetings and feel hot sweaty and tired when I reached. I also discovered that good ones look very neat in pictures.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's in (m)a name?

My name is Rajalakshmi, people at home call me Raji. Even in high school, I had difficulty in pronouncing it whenever a teacher asked me what my name was. I also realized that it was old fashioned in my class where the girls were called Padma, sudeepa, gayatri,sujatha, sudha, chithra,hamsa, aruna, charusheela etc. I would often complain to my dad that I didn't like my name and he would exclaim with great reverence, "That's your athai's, my (dear departed) sister's name"

My own sisters and my brother all thought of refashioning our names to suit our modern lives; My younger brother Sathya Narayanan selected Satheesh, Lakshmi wanted Sharmila, Alamelu chose Urmila and they suggested that it would rhyme if I were called pramila. I hated that too and said Nirmala would be better.Just wishful thinking, we never did anything about it.

Fast forward a couple of decades and read the extract from a dialogue between me and Prof.Krishnamoorthy from Madura college, where I worked for sometime.

Prof Krish: What's your name ma?
Raji: Rajalakshmi
P.K: That's a good name!
Raji: Is it your mother's?
P.K: No, my grandmother's
Raji: (sick smile)

Of late, with my waist line expanding and cheeks balooning, the name has started to suit me a bit. Or I have learnt to pronounce it with some style and present it( actually i say raji most of the time) properly. I lay the stress as follows...RAjaLAKshmi. hehehe and guess as I move on to my 50s and 60s ,it would suit me far better than if I had been named Kamini or Eloise or Swetha. Imagine being called Kamini patti or Eloise kollu patti!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One more good road in TN Madurai-Dindigul

Yet another good road in TN! This time I was on a bus! Would have taken better pics but for some sons of Manu who made such loud fun of me that I was startled and almost dropped my camera (cellphone)outside the window. Taking pics can make a boring journey exciting!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Benefits of blogging


2, Outlet for creative instincts

3.a chance to exchange thoughts with like minded people from our past

4.a way to keep alive the hopes of being a great writer

5. sharpening of our communicatng skills

6.improving of our typing skills

7. getting to read blogs from all over the world

8.experience of discussing things with unknown bloggers

9.getting to read blogs of celebrities (haven't seen the blog of major celebs yet

10. a record of our lives that are so fast paced that you cant remember yesterday, even with effort.

guys and gals..... am sure there are many more..... enlighten me!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Small wonder

Wonder what Lalu would say to the Madurai Trichy road, which is so well laid and smooth and has reduced travel time by nearly an hour because it has four lanes.! Remember, he compared the road in some state to the smooth cheeks of Hemamalini?And not just Hemamalini, I too received what can be considered the compliment of the year- This little girl asked to exchange her ear rings with me...which offer I took up immediately! Don't ask what the connection is between the road and the earring,, just two wonderful things that happened to me within a week.

The Madurai Trichy road