Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blog logic- ????

Just logged into this blog in a confessional mode about being bored with a job and my plans to quit.

Then saw the logic defying number of people who seemed to have viewed my blog. 

How did two hundred and odd people get access to one or the other of my posts on 23rd May?

A puzzle, although with a logical answer somewhere.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Familiarity kills movie magic

I started watching a movie. Hero bunks work, takes a random train and goes to a freezing beech. Got curious, what's happening???
then you see a woman ...camera doesn't focus on her. But it's Kate Winslet. So she has to be the heroine, right?
Kinda killed the mystery, although as everyone knows she can pull off looking inconspicuous and random.
But she's not random. After Titanic and everything else she's done, she can't be inconspicuous. We know she's the heroine.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Magical part of being a moron

I watched tv after a long time: two episodes from two different series that I've never seen before. And loved them. Laughed a lot. Am I turning into a moron? Or were they good?

Now to the names of these series - Brooklyn 99 and The Goldbergs - 
For whatever reason I like them, and will continue to watch them, I think.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Each to his own logic

My sis and   another friend asked me on diff occasions if dogs were not better to roam freely on the streets?


No one is free to do what he or she or it likes. Observe the dog on the street. His area is a hundred feet. Beyond that is another dog's territory, and he will fight any dog that enters it. So a spacious home is as good as that bit of territory my dog might have won from the street.

Next question: Roam where?

Next thing for you to observe the difference between village streets and the streets where city dwellers live in. Compound walls separate dog from his best friend, man, in cities, unlike the locales in the village where people and dogs sit out together, outside their tiny homes, often eating and playing together.
Give the dog back his village or take him into your compound.


Logic...sheer logic

I found my wallet

It was not found on the road, or in the shop or at my daughter's home.
Not at the tailor's.
Not behind any furniture or kitchen appliances that i had used soon after.
It was in the safety locker where I keep a few jewels.
Locked away from the big
bad world and the crazy coot called me.

Waiting for some magic

I misplaced or lost my wallet today.
Searched through all the places I went to. It was a very eventful day.
6.00 - 7.30 - did some work on the comp
7.30 -8.00 - chatted with my school mate and her kid who were with us for a couple of days
8.00-9.00 - prepared breakfast
9.00-10.15 ate breakfast and gave my friend and her kid a send off.
10.15 - 11,oo went to the atm did some shopping and gave my daughter going away on a trip a send off.
11.00- 11.30- went back to the city to pick up a friend who had fallen off her scooter.
11,30 - 11,45 got vegetables from the shop inside our gated community

So I paid for what i got.

then I came home and prepared lunch in my elder daughter's home.

My elder daughter asked me to accompany her to the tailor. Here it gets hazy. I wonder if I had the wallet or if I had taken it to her home along with the vegetables, or if I had misplaced it somewhere of if I had dropped it on my way home.
And I haven't worked the whole day, feeling miserable...