Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Canine Magic

This brand of magic is for all times. Dogs love you even when you are no longer young. And then we get older and older and really old, and we can still feed dogs and play with them.

There is an old woman in Delhi, a poor one, who feeds four hundred dogs by collecting garbage and selling whatever can be recycled from that junk.She is the living proof of what I am talking about. You can see her picture No matter who you are, dogs love you.
Dogs are our live toys, and we are their heroes.
Truly a win-win situation.

In a confused, crazy, complex world, where it is not enough to survive and fend for yourself, and where we come face to face with greed and mindless craze for controls, these ball of fur roll into our lives, literally and bless us with their warmth.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Magic in my life to dry up?

Got an opportunity to undergo some tech training.
Am last in the class and trying and still not picking up.
But this is actually the best input I have had as far as I can recall.
Also I am positive and receptive to the negative feedback because I want the job.

But what if the magic has dried up?

I was teacher's pet as well as popular person.
Now, I am the torturer of trainers and soooo not popular. These two situations are not actually bad as they sound. I don't mind being hated. But not being able to work, out of technical incompetence sucks all magic out of life.
Will my brain let me down or speed up? Who knows?

Saturday, July 9, 2016

extremely complicated logic

Luxury on the one hand
Drugs on the other
Technology at one's beck and call.
Keeping up with it with one's limited brains on the other!

These are jut two of the many, many, many things that complicate life today.
Ignore them and you become irrelevant.
Again, how are things going to work in the future?
Looking back, whatever happened to my simple life propelled on by  my simple goals? Simple goals that I always chose to keep secret and private until they seemed irrelevant in this complicated world of ours.
Not that I didn't get lucky or never had good stuff come my way, They did. But right now confusion over reigns the one kg of flesh that makes my brain.
Unpredictable and complicated is life!!!! 
And the confusion is not why the picture is irrelevant. I just happened to like it.