Sunday, February 4, 2018

Magic makes the most logic

Have been reading inspiring stories from "Gifted' by sudha Menon and V.R. Ferose. They are 'Inspiring Stories of People wiht Disabilities'. It was a gift, and I had, after a quick scan of contents, been put off by the Indian English. But then another cursory scan at a random page had me hooked to one of the stories, that of Hans Dalal, a conservationist, who is also afflicted by cerebral palsy.

His passion comes through, and his disability does not. I guess such a life is possible for most of us. Making me feel that way makes this book a remarkable one.
If there is anyone looking for a mission in life, I am glad to point out to them that today's generation is miserable. Help them feel that life is worthwhile, which is what this book has achieved.
The older ones, low aiming, low achieving and nothing much else, somehow learnt to be happy. But the pampered ones brought up by doting parents are sick at heart and deeply troubled.
Thank God such a book was written.
Thanks Amrita for the gift about the 'Gifted'.
Please God, let this book reach as many people as possible. It can cure people of today of much of their unhappiness.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Logical or illogical?

An adventure in the middle of the night
I was online with a student from U.K. and it was around 11.40 pm. It was then that I heard a woman scream and a man yell.
The class was over in five minutes, and I went to my door to listen. A woman was crying and screaming. A man's voice could be heard too.
Opened the door and it was from a door directly opposite to mine. That door had always remained closed and silent for all the 20 months that I have lived here. This was the first sign of any kind of violence, and this sounded mostly verbal. I didn't know more, but didn't want to disturb the usually normal neighbours either.

So I snuck out, rang the bell twice, and quickly ran back into my house. Everything fell silent. We soon heard the door open and heard somebody walk away.
Nothing happened afterwards. I guess.

This reminds me of a funny thing that happened in my early twenties. I was alone and very angry with a man, and had just picked a long wooden staff to hit him. He came close to me and pulled it off my hand. Just then an elderly gentleman entered the room. He stared at us in horror. Both of us snuck out. We let the senior think the man was the aggressor. The guy whom I wanted to attack also wanted to let him think that way. Aggression is unfortunately associated with manliness. The man with me had been truly manly, but he wanted the stamp of false macho on him. Go figure!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

There's this job website which keeps asking me to write about the freelancer experience.

Well, let me say how it works for me.
First of all, I spend a good chunk of time looking up all the fascinating jobs that keep popping up online. Unbelievable, new jobs like press release writer, writer for games, social writer and what not. Believe me, there are new job titles popping up all the time. And I apply sometimes.

Another interview tomorrow. This is for Academic Author on psychology and social sciences. If I had a regular job I would never be able to find out about the changes in the job market.

So How am I faring in my writing endeavors?
Problem 1: My vendors. Work is not regular. The whole of this week I didn't get work
Problem 2:  Me. I have an important project that is unfinished. Why the *&^%$ am I not doing it?
Problem 3: Night shift work I do part time is low paying and ruining my life.

So am I a total failure?

The poems I write are really making me feel good, making me feel I have a niche,
Also, other kinds of  writing is happening, even if its just magazine work
I have hopes of getting better

So what would happen if I do get a job?
I should find a way to make my fingers go tapping and  develop a distinct voice
Develop a distinct voice, I have  one already;  I should re discover my voice and channel it into creating sophisticated patterns on paper.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Was re-reading Wuthering Heights.

It was a time when obedience was considered the most important virtue, and elders with authority could do what they wanted in the name of instilling discipline and putting people in their place.
Joseph, a servant, boxes his little orphaned mistress' ears. (What does 'box someone's ears' mean?)
Catherine, the girl who is beaten runs away to play instead of suffering the punishment of sitting in a corner. Her diary expresses her anguish at the ill treatment meted out to her. Surprisingly, I can still relate to such a scene.
How could that be?
Today, psychology recommends a better parenting strategy, and parents are willingly permissive.
But Joseph is a bully, and the bullies are still around. Not just in schools but on the streets, in our buildings and particularly, in the work place.
They overtake our vehicles in rude and shocking ways, comment unnecessarily in public, form cliques and spread rumours. They yell at us, write misinforming reviews of our work. They want to put us in our place. They want us to lag behind so that they can zoom past, come up in life and appear good at the same time.

Such people never succeed in the long run. I am old enough to know that.

I just wish that I had smooth things to tell them, with a subtle hint of a smile on my face, like lawyers in soaps.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Logic wins!

He cured me. A little boy of four or five.
Ask me how.

My daughter and I always argue about one habit of mine.  I do not bother to lock the door of our apartment, as we live in a secure gated community, every time I leave the house.

"You didn't lock up after you? Scary!" - my daughter
"Why should I? No one's going to try and open that door." - me
"What if someone gets in and attacks you?"
" No one thinks I am rich enough to risk that. Then there are the dogs."
"I don't believe you are doing this...

And on and on we argue till it turns into a quarrel.

Fast forward to last Monday. I had taken my dogs for a walk around the lake nearby. I entered the gate and had come to an open area near the swimming pool and children's play area, when three boys (7, 5 and 4 years old)came up to me on their bikes.
One of them said, "Do you know that your door is open?"
I said, "Well, it is. Did you open it?"
He said, "Yes."
I said, "Did you close it?"
He said, "Yes."
I said," Thank you.But this is a secret. Don't tell anyone that I leave my door open."

The five year old, Tuka, (nickname) started to yell.
He started moving around in his bike calling to groups of people and pointing to me, and said

"She leaves her door open!" repeatedly. To cap it all, he cycled to the other end of the compound, called the security personnel and told them, "The lady from door no: xxx leaves her door open."

Now, logically speaking, do I have an option ? I lock my door every single time I leave home.

Monday, November 6, 2017

The magic of being inspired

Who knows from when and from where we get inspiration?

Was reading about how Christmas is being portrayed in 'A Christmas Carol' by Dickens, along with a student.

So, it seems Dickens inspired a whole generation to embrace carol singing, family dinners and dances and the concept of sharing during Christmas.

Although i had read about Dickens socialist tendencies and his intent to educate the public, in college, it has taken me this many years of ageing to actually comprehend that a writer or a creative artist can wield so great an influence on the minds and actions of a society.

Children in the west are better off today, than their orphaned counter parts in other parts of the world. Dickens' conscious attempts to point out to the misery of the poor, can be viewed as a game changer in making the west a pioneer in social welfare.

No society is flawless. The capitalist west has, however, definitely a frame work to its credit, through which a poor child finds food, clothing and shelter.

How many others can make such claims? This question is not a challenge. I ask it because I don't know the answer and can only guess that not many have welfare solutions for the poor.
Getting back to the topic, Dickens! I feel so inspired by you.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

No magic at all...

Soul sucking things that can happen to someone on an ordinary work day:

Friends plan for a day out : Lunch at a new place and movie afterwards, but someone cannot go because of obsession with work.
Then, someone goes to office thinking of all the fun her friends have.
Then the work to be done turns out to be dreary.
Then someone remembers that she might have to do something similarly boring late that night too.
Oh no....
Even this post turned out to be so dumb.