Friday, August 5, 2016

There's a challenge from a blogger's group to write a suicide .story.

That's a challenge I will never take up.
That's because I was a witness to a gory one. If there ever was a suicide story that is twisted and wasteful, this is it. Everybody who knows the real story behind this death influenced the person's decision, one way or the other. Me included.
A suicide is a sad and shocking thing, often getting people to wonder why someone did it.
This person's family wondered. The mother came home, sat with me for a whole day, asking me if I knew anything.
I denied all knowledge .
Wonder where that mother lives!
Wonder if she is still tormented by .mystery of her dear one's death.

If some one commits suicide, everyone is responsible.Every single persson.


Anonymous said...

Paul Heller said...

You're right, suicide shouldn't be fodder for the entertainment consumption industry. My nephew's death was falsely labeled a suicide by Joyce deJong, Kalamazoo County's M.E., and their own arrogance is about to get them sued. #andmakethemcry

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