Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some doubts on the matter of lifestyle

Some questions about changing trends:
1.Do young diet conscious people eat three proper meals a day?
2. Do people all over the world cook everyday?
3. What do people invest in, these days?
4. Who cleans the fridges that we see in movies?
5. What is the average 'going to bed' time all over the world
(shall keep adding to them as and when i think of other such questions)


Sastry said...

1. I am not sure

2. No. I know of American Indians who cook once in 3 days

3. If you are intrigued by Contrarian investing philosophy, you should invest in the asset class that the majority shuns. Right now, ppl are all after stocks and even gold. Real estate hence looks like the option if you can manage the liquidity.

4. Definitely not the directors.

5. Average of Time cannot be computed as Time is neither an interval scale number nor ratio number. It has the tendency of nominal scale where the interval scale properties are exhibited by some specific values time takes.

Hence, Average of Time is statistically impossible to calculate (irrespective of the 12 or 24 hour format u choose). From a logical stand point, lets take a person who sleeps at 12 and another who sleeps at 1. Their average is (12 + 1)/2 . This is 6. From a common sense stand point, "central tendency" is 12:30

You should rather focus on trying to get the median value of time for people going to sleep. And I don't know the median.

Raji said...

Wow! being a teacher I love getting answers. The answer I like the least is the last one for it is meant for the maths class or a highly technical minded teacher , which I am not.I like the third answer the best.n by American Indians do you refer to NRIs or Red Indians?

Sastry said...

By American Indians, I am referring to NRIs. Mostly the student community and Bachelors cook once in 2 - 3 days.

Omkumar said...

Not only the NRI student community and bachelor's but also bachelors who live away from home, cook once in two days or so and eat in hotels with friends most of the time