Friday, May 7, 2010

The Benefits of blogging


2, Outlet for creative instincts

3.a chance to exchange thoughts with like minded people from our past

4.a way to keep alive the hopes of being a great writer

5. sharpening of our communicatng skills

6.improving of our typing skills

7. getting to read blogs from all over the world

8.experience of discussing things with unknown bloggers

9.getting to read blogs of celebrities (haven't seen the blog of major celebs yet

10. a record of our lives that are so fast paced that you cant remember yesterday, even with effort.

guys and gals..... am sure there are many more..... enlighten me!

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Sathyu said...

Blogging is one of the ways of satiating our primitive craving for bonding. Since modern life has eroded the possibilities of human communication, this has become a vain attempt to restore that. It is a soliloquy, longing for an impossible communion..