Thursday, January 27, 2011


A perverse streak, which tells me to blog when I have other important things to attend to, has prompted me to write this not at all perverse post!
I set goals that overflow with good will; such as scrap a hello to atleast five of my old connections on facebook and orkut, say a prayer for all t hose who tell me, "pray for me", etc etc. Actually apart from this thought coming to me on its own, I have a role model in my dad, who prays for the welfare of every offshoot in his clan ;).Yes, he mouths a prayer in sanskrit for every one born in the family everyday and tells me that he did it on that day whenever I call him.
Inspite of my angelic origins, I conform to neither that or this side of the earth. But this is what I pray for when I do it.

1. First for my dad, that he should regain the glowing handsome serenity that he was born with and somehow partially lost, particularly after 45.
2.Next for my mom, that she should regain her health and effervescence for life and be truly happy
3. My uncle, should get back his zest for life and the dynamism with which he entered our lives
4. Padmanabhan, that he should get out of the circuit of irrelevant self pity and realize the value of his time wasted in it.
5. My brother, that he should be able to do all that he dreamed of and learn to play cheerfully, as he actually did, sometime long ago.
6. My gorgeous twin sisters should start looking gorgeous again through weight management
7.My sister in law should find the space that she seems to be searching for, in life.
8.One person in my family should recognize the bitter streak that is altering his creative intuitive personality
9.Another should learn to imbibe the nutrition that life offers in the form of food and fun and improve in health
10.My daughters, achievers, winners, should continue to dream on and fly forth!
11.The other children in my family, whom I really don't know that well, I pray for your happiness.
12.And of course, people who want me to pray for you from time to time; am not mentioning your names here, but I remember you in  my prayers. Arun prasadh, i know you may read this, I may not pray every day, but whenever I pray for my family, I pray for you too!
13. Sometimes I pray for my school teachers and often for those teachers who gave me lessons of life and moments of joyous illumination.
One day, I will start to pray everyday!!!


Pied Piper said...

Mam,thanks for your remembrance and thanks for your prayer.what i expect from you is your blessings,that's all.thanks,mam.thanks for every thing what u have done and doing to asking an apology to u for my failure in getting seats.but one day i ll make u very glad...

BALA said...

A prayer in prose.

Sathyu said...