Saturday, April 23, 2011

About some kho-kho players.

When Dinesh, a student of business administration, started a project to introduce kho-kho to rural boys as part of his post graduate project, he had no idea what a remarkable change it would bring about in the life of the children involved. The team he formed began to participate in tournaments and he took up the task of  not only training them for free , but feeding them and giving uniforms,shoes and transport charges to them. They won some of the matches and some of the players went on to make it to the state team and later on to win a kho-kho match at the national level.
He then started an academy, which conducts state level tournaments and identifies talent and gives free training to rural students. In the last three and a half years he has trained a thousand students, 40 of whom have got free seats in sports quota. 3 have joined the military, 25 have passed the umpiring exam and of course, all of them are different people who have had glimpses of the leader within them.
Dinesh is in his early twenties and is now working in Chennai and runs his academy from there. Good story of leadership!


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