Friday, May 27, 2011

the elections.

The results of the state assembly elections have left all of us speechless.There are several reasons that had contributed to the image of  DMK as being indestructible!!!!
Looks like they are not reasons but rumours, after all.
 Let's look again at these reasons why people thought DMK would win.

a. They paid enormous sums to procure votes
b. Villagers never vote against the party as they are grateful to be paid so much for votes.
C. The freebies of DMK had made tamils dependent on them
d. Teachers manned the polling booths and as the government staff always support DMK, they would just press the voting machine in their favor as many times as possible.( a teacher told me this)
e. The machines were rigged
f. The machines were replaced by fakes.
j. The vans carrying ballot boxes were interruped and tampered with.
k. The winning candidate was paid hundreds of millions in order to give up his win and let the loser be declared the winner.
l. ADMK had become too weak.

Now everyone of these have been proved to be rumours, and baseless ones at that; as not only did the ADMK win, but was able to get the required majority.If any of the above mentioned rumours had an iota of truth in them, then the DMK would have atleast got the opportunity to play the role of the opposition. Instead, Vijayakanth got to be the opposition party leader. This clearly shows that the election commission has not permitted any of the above mentioned to happen. The people have voted clearly and decisively and we can see more than ever how negative vibes are spread and strengthened even when they have no basis in reality.

It's not that either of the two leaders JJ or MK have lived up to their potential. The former, a high achiever in school behaves like a rowdy and the latter, a self professed son of the soil is totally bereft of any concern for the back ward classes. But this election shows that a shadow of democracy exists in my country. hmmmm. wish i could say something more inspiring than this about our system Sigh......


BALA said...

Dear Raji please procure a copy of Achebe's short story 'The Voter' written nearly thirty years ago and read to find how things all over the world are same regarding elections.

Raji said...

true...but this is our own experience, any way, will read the story