Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some faults od mine that destroy the magic in life

1.Impatience with people i consider to be stupid (later i realize they are just people who are different)
2. Arrogance ; too sure of my ideas and aggressive in promoting my line of thought
3. Being distracted 23 hours a day
4. talking to but not really talking to people who are not like me
5.inability to make genuine small talk
6.assuming things about others
7.talking most of the time
8. talking unnecessarily
9.trying to make a story of life
10.inability to understand what others feel about me.
hmmm the list seems to be growing longer than i intended. 10 is a good number to stop.Sigh!


Mr.Ess said...

mam...we share the same 6 attributes!! :D

Anonymous said...

dear raji,
how can you be so truthful? at the same time like how you are "talking all the time" you are "writing all the time". keep doing it.