Saturday, April 28, 2012

Haven't been recording any of the stuff happening....when stuff keeps happening all the time.... any way thought i would be regular if  i began with funny stuff from college. The notice board in one of the colleges i go to, is a blackboard, where info is chalked out. Primitive, but useful. Yesterday, the board carried the names of the staff who were in charge of issuing hall tickets to different groups of students. One gifted student decided to modify his teacher Deepa's name. He rubbed off the D, (gender bias intended, am sure it's a he) and wrote a P in it's place, making her name Peepa, which means 'barrel' in tamil. The enraged teacher went to the Principal and requested him never to put her name on the board again. She would do any duty assigned to her, But since it was a small college, it would be sufficient to put up the room number, where the students had to go.