Friday, May 4, 2012

I love noisy roads in cities. I dislike the quiet of the villages. Technically speaking, the badly maintained sidewalk is a symbol of lacklustre city life. It's polluted by dust, carbon dioxide, monoxide, the hooting of horns, the whizzing sound made by a variety of vehicles  and a million other by products of the frenetic traffic. But it's exactly here that my heart swells in joy and i feel totally at home. But in one way villages score over cities. There are many playgrounds for kids here. A teenager from a village told me that his village panchayat leader has purchased sports equipment such as nets and volleyballs and get to play these games every evening. Many young men from villages also speak longingly of the natural pools of water, or large wells, in which they would swim regularly. Sigh!!!! How many children today get to enjoy these things? Some builders however, make it a point to construct a swimming pool in their apartment enclaves as a value addition to tempt buyers. Let's hope this trend catches on.


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