Monday, June 18, 2012

Staged magic

I watched a play on mythical Hindu Gods and Goddesses.It is impossible to portray Gods. Gods are perfect Humans are not. The play was much appreciated and I would probably write a review of it highlighting its success with the audience, but here i will record how men failed in appearing like Gods.
1. Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, had a slightly manly voice.
2. The actor portraying the all powerful Narayana, was plump.
3. The Rain God, the Wind God and the Fire God had common features and were so obviously men in their twenties.
4. Hiranyakashipu, the mighty villain, was a handsome young man, who should have been at least ten years older,
5. Thilottama, the celestial temptress, famed for her beauty was obese, although she danced quite well.
6. For some unfathomable reason, the mask of the lion faced God was a bright white. The actor had the structure of a short teddy bear, This was the strangest looking Narasimha that  have ever seen.

 Hard, isn't it? for humans to look godly? However, some veteran actors bring out the divine through their acting skills, although they look far from perfect. Tamil actor, Shivaji Ganesan for instance, could portray any God or king , young or old , very convincingly, although he had a typical short statured, broad shouldered, plump structure typical of the majority of average looking people.


Pied Piper said...

Yeah, i agree with Sivaji Ganesan. he suits to any role and my choice for god character is N.T.Ramarao.
Mam if you get a chance,read the book Valgavil Irunthu Gangai varai...

Swami said...

Any idea, is this book available online? I searched to some extent and couldnt get a online version..