Saturday, September 22, 2012

Played a prank...:P

HAHAHAHAHA laughing to myself about a prank i played on an unsuspecting person...

For the past one or two weeks, I had been much irritated to see a "funny" post on facebook. The post is based on a comedy track of Vadivelu's where he classifies women into three types - jill (gorgeous) jung (not bad looking) and juck (ugly), Some wise guy had taken a picture of three girls in their early twenties and labelled them JILL JUNG and JUCK. A few other guys were sharing this pic around and it kept turning up on my wall.
I felt sick thinking how the girls would feel if they saw the pic. Today, however, one young person came on chat and told me to look at his posts. He said he had posted something funny and guess what!!! He had jill, jung and juck on top of all of them. Here is what transpired when i continued to chat with him.

    • Me: I think all the three girls are looking good. How do you think they would feel if they saw this pic? Just you wait!! One of the girls is gonna file a legal defamation suit on you
  • Young person: Why are you getting flustered? Are you among the three?

    • Me: Yeah!!!!! The one in the green saree ...thats me from my younger days!!!!

    • Y P: Gosh!!! you are Juck!!!!

    • Me: Exactly!!! Now you see why i got so bugged?

    • Y P: Is this the truth? It's really You???

  • Me: It's me alright. I used to wear reading glasses then and used to plaster my hair with oil.
  • Y P: Hey !!! Sorry!!! I just shared that. I didn't upload that picture.
  • Me: hmmmmmm...Now you understand how I feel!!! when you comment it's all jolly and fun. But when joke's on you......hmmmmmm
  • Y P : I said sorry...sorry ok?
  • Me : alright!! Don't post such stuff again.

  • Y
     P : ok ok ok coollll...
    • i


Mr.Ess said...

Mutta paiyan :( so this was the post u ve been asking me to read?? when i play pranks on ppl u r against it..but u can do the same thing??!!ryt??in wat way is it fair???"Juck" this is so immature..shame on u :P

Raji said...