Monday, October 8, 2012

We have power supply for only a few hours out of the twenty four these days. The climate is no help too because it's scorching hot outside these days; sweaty and sultry inside rooms. My house is an exception. A very old house, it has a roof that is ten feet high and is cool at all times of the year. There is also a backyard with a few trees and a well.
I try to sit there on a stool under the trees and work on my lap top. It's wonderful to sit under a tree, even on the hottest of days. The problem wit sitting outside is, that there is a radio station right behind my house with a very noisy generator. So the minute power goes out, a deafening roar from that machine fills our back yard.
It's only when the machines are shut off when power returns that we experience an intense relief from that drilling sound.
Power cuts are a horrific experience. Mosquitoes, sweat, disorientation caused by sudden darkness, that makes us forget what we had planned to do, sometimes making it impossible for us to finish our chores, inability to use or even charge gadgets are all crippling the routine.

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