Monday, June 16, 2014

When the magic goes POOF

These are difficult times.

Life abounds in luxury, and luxury can be bought. Everyone dreams of such luxury, and therefore long for the money to buy luxury. A man works hard, creatively, frenetically and carefully to accrue money, and no sooner does he taste success, and earns money, than he is instantly surrounded by sellers of short trips to heaven: the drug pushers.

All the rich, particularly the artistic, use a lot of drugs. Our icons! The shadows of whom, captured in film reels in multi colour, we so love to love.

It looks like the human potential never had so much opportunity to reach its full potential and also never destroyed itself as much as it does today, mindless of reaching that potential. Therefore man loses himself before he becomes the best version of himself.

The main reason is that our vision is blocked by luxury, and the childish longing to be high and happy always.
Looks like we just take trips inwards constantly indulging ourselves and never get to rise as high as we should. What could be so awesome about drugs that, the million pleasures of life are forgotten? 

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