Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The magic of the ideal and the logic of being far away from it.

I love the ideal and then I love myself too. You knew that counting the number of Is in that sentence, right? Coming back to the point, the situation of being far removed from the ideal does not make me jealous of perfect lives. I am a fan of perfectly good looking, totally kind hearted and brilliant, dedicated people found scattered over this earth.

The ideal of love, despite the lack of any noticeable romance in my life; the ideal of bravery, although I walk away from street dogs that get enraged when I enter their domain with my puppy; the ideal of dedicated service to the public by certain people , while I just about survive as a freelancer; all these great things inspire me. Inspire me to what? Don't ask. I have not accomplished anything inspirational myself. Being inspired is my speciality. Not being inspirational.

Such a shame. hmmmm
Also feel ashamed when I read the news of people killing each other in wars that seem to be unceasing and killing dozens of journalists covering the news, while I watch fox crime for thrills and the news during the ad breaks.

Yuck! Isn't there a way to help without stepping down from the lap of luxury? Or at least without the risk of being killed? Feeling really bad for the journalists being killed by the extremists.

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Anonymous said...

"Being inspired is my speciality. Not being inspirational." I love this particular line...And I can soo relate to it...