Thursday, October 30, 2014

From A.E.Housman's "A Shropshire Lad"
 Nature's beauty inspired the ones who cared to luxuriate in it, as well as those who moved through life half awake,and whose subconscious would still have gained from its glorious beauty.Today,the barrenness and toxicity of polluted and contaminated environment have the opposite effect on us.May we all work towards making the earth a greener place.


          Wake: the silver dusk returning
           Up the beach of darkness brims,
          And the ship of sunrise burning
           Strands upon the eastern rims.
Wake: the vaulted shadow shatters, Trampled to the floor it spanned, And the tent of night in tatters Straws the sky-pavilioned land. Up, lad, up, 'tis late for lying: Hear the drums of morning play; Hark, the empty highways crying "Who'll beyond the hills away?" Towns and countries woo together, Forelands beacon, belfries call; Never lad that trod on leather Lived to feast his heart with all. Up, lad: thews that lie and cumber Sunlit pallets never thrive; Morns abed and daylight slumber Were not meant for man alive. Clay lies still, but blood's a rover; Breath's a ware that will not keep Up, lad: when the journey's over There'll be time enough to sleep.

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