Thursday, July 8, 2010

just an announcement

Have suddenlylost interest in playing video games; now agreed that i decided to act mature and selfless and be active and live life without escaping into all these things and tried out a totally different style of work! So have been getting more organized, buying more socially acceptable clothes like silk sarees, but i never imagined that by reducing my escapist activities and gettin more involved in serious work, iwould actually lose interest in playing video games! An addict from the time of hand held games, I wish to put on record that my inability to be addicted may be considered as a loss!

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Chester Kallas said...

ha ha ha... video games are fun.. but playing it with great guilt (Video games are played by child says my parents.. then who am I?)So I stopped playing... But I accept its fun.... I'll join you after I get a job. I will be unleashing my true self. FUN FUN AND FUN ONLY TILL THERE IS END@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@