Saturday, July 17, 2010

A discovery....not so logical

Computers behave like people sometimes. They don't co-operate, the window just doesn't open. So you wait for sometime and then restart. This works most of the time and you are let off with a comment like there has been a serious error that should be reported to microsoft. Sometimes restarting thrice, four, five, six, seven etc times should be done to woo the booting device. A trick that works ( i told you this is not so logical, right there inthe title) is to press the dvd drive and the cd holder slides out. This somehow helps the system to boot. Sometimes there is no way the system would boot, but all that you have to do is wait and summon the task manager again and again by pressing ctrl, alt n delete. Then all of a sudden you get to see some instructions like press F4 or press r for repair because blahblahblahblah bah. Then when you do that there is a silent grey (dark dusty elephant grey) stare from the screen. So you give up on the repair and restart again, it actually boots.Pretty boring stuff I know bt I just want to share this experience as it might help other computer illiterates like me.


BALA said...

Dear Raji, in the 1980s when computers were not well developed, it took a lot of time to switch on the system. I watched a documentary on computers that featured an in depth analysis on the researches carried out to bring down the booting time to within a few seconds. Let us hope we would get a computer in near future that boots up in a snapping time.

Chester Kallas said...

oh..... thats what I saw good computer... cause when my old pc hangs I kicked it several time.. (my pc was near my leg... Its hard to control my rage sometimes).. after that it will start perfectly... but you cant do it once you learn about computer deeply.. Now I beleive that my computer has life in it.. weird!!! but I like to speak with it daily.. I love my dauntriderII(My pc name)