Friday, August 13, 2010

The twisted logic of a cranky dumbo!

A school drop out has joined us as an office boy. He loves to grab people's attention by staring hard at us and by asking irritating questions. One busy day........

Shiva:Ma'am! Is sir fond of eating drumsticks?
Raji: You think you can bug me with such questions!
Shiva: NOOOOOOOOO Madam! I want to knooooooooow (He thinks he's funny drawling away)
Raji: Hence forth, every time you ask me a question, I will charge you Rs.10.
Shiva: Why Maaaaaaaaa'aaaam?
Raji: All right, I keep tab from this question onwards. When I give you your salary, I will take Rs.10 for myself. It's official now.

That shut him up. But he couldn't reform right away. He now owes me 70 bucks.But he has his own way of taking revenge on me. Today I chanced to go to the locked up first floor at six in the evening and was shocked to find all the lights and fans switched on.He enjoys watching people yell at him. Out of school and still not out of it. n am not going to yell at him! let him figure that out!


BALA said...

I think as you have said in your posting the guy has not mentally been ready to come out of the school premises. He wants to hear the din of being reprimanded as he was wont to in his school. I believe that is the only way to correct him though we have to spend a lot of energy in doing so.

Raji said...

he has been fired by the god of my small world, my boss n husband

Anonymous said...

mmm interesting lol

Chester Kallas said...

This kid just looks like naruto..... but I wish There is some way to change.. god is responsible for his stupid act... Why do few ppl have someone to guide them while millions left uncared??? society is so rubbish.. I wish I have the power to change this world!!!