Sunday, August 1, 2010

how life tastes to me sometimes

Depression tastes like bitter gourd;
happiness like syrup;
problems like the unexpected chilli you bite in to sometimes;
entertainment like soda;
satisfaction like a cup of ice cool water;
boring work like hot water
sadness like tepid tea when your nose is blocked;
confidence like piping hot coffee;
friendliness like rosepetals and coriander;

okay! pitch inwith your flavours!


Chester Kallas said...

It tastes?? But I don't know to pick any favour... Cause I remember I cant stick onto a single taste.. I have to get it all..... i don't want to miss anything unheard!!! LOL... life is mixture......

BALA said...

Which of the syrups are you talking about when you are happy?

BALA said...

I am sorry, 'which of the syrups are you thinking about?'

Raji said...

the plain syrup used in indian sweets like gulabjamun and jilebi