Monday, October 18, 2010

emotional intelligence

People with low emotional intelligence are supposed to suffer in life. In an audio clip I heard as a part of a class room lesson, a doctor speaks of husbands who choose to ignore the emotional side of their wives and kids and end up being uncared for and unmourned for.
MS word has underlined the last phrase in the previous sentence in red and in spite of the  horror the word conveys, you wonder if the spelling is wrong. So complex is life and so crazy are humans.

Back to the topic, the husbands have, at least a few of them, opted to let their emotional intelligence rust, as it is not possible that all men are morons when it comes to emotions. And I wonder at what point in life we stop using our intelligence, be it intellectual or emotional.
As kids as young as four or five, we can belt out lyrics of the latest hits and then stop listening to music, losing a portion of our personality.As teenagers we take terrible risks, missing important tests, criticizing figures of authority aloud, dressing exactly as we like, parting our hair any own way, and then we let the rut envelope us and stay seated through a lot of nonsense, for propeity's sake. We let our senses get dull and end up feeling like losers.
Whatever happens to the brilliant, lively five year old US?


BALA said...

I do not understand the final sentence of your article.

Raji said...

I meant that when we were five years old, we were lively, quick to understand the emotional atmosphere around us and reacted quickly. But the same five year old evolves into a lethargic adult, seemingly out of touch of his intellectual and emotional quickness.

BALA said...

Now i know why i did not understand. I thought the word 'US' meant America.