Saturday, October 30, 2010

when to hope and when not to

It's a difficult decision to make; when to hope and when not to. Somewhere in the chaos of creation, growth, development leading to utter chaos, hope springs  and survives.When all our efforts are defeated and there is a great deal of mess to contemplate, very much like in the climax scenes in movies, some problems are resolved and some progress is made.
The problem is when some one close is abusive and thinks that no one will ever come to know.
What can we aspire for, in this scenario?
The situation is not one of utter hopelessness as hoping is a habit of the human mind and tomorrow it will dream and plan and work in hope and find several ways to lick its wounds.
The solution in such cases is to wait and watch and......hope that there are ways out of abuse too.


BALA said...

Good. Any personal unfulfilled desires?

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Hope is a good thing perhaps the best thing ever.

Raji said...

I want to view the republic day parade,bala, apart from other things

BALA said...

I think Mr Padmanaban will be ready to take you to Delhi provided you tell him your wish.