Thursday, July 21, 2011

Self- discovery

8This is a continuous process and as the wise would warn can comprise fascinating finds as well as horrifying heartbreaks. In my case I found these things about myself over the years.
1. When school re-opened in seventh standard, I saw that all my friends had grown taller, all except me...and realized that I would not be tall like Hema Miss when I grew up, but short like Usha Miss.
2. Poetry gives me a high..this I found out in std eight.
3. In class nine I made several discoveries...I could make people laugh, I'd be very happy if I studied English, I could make friends easily...public speaking is not difficult....I loved writing...being vindictive and hurtful to others makes us feel worse, never helps
4. Dirty jokes were supposed to be cool in class ten. I was repelled by them and was an alien among teenagers that year.
5. I discovered Yoga, breathing exercises and the importance of exercise in general in class 10
6. I found out that making people laugh was somehow not as interesting as it initially was in class 11.
7. I also found out that I hated it when others were ragged. I learnt to fight for the underdog in class 11.
8. I was a rebel and knew it in class 12.
9. I discovered that there were thousands of beautiful, creative and talented girls, when I joined  college and that I had the power to do anything i wanted.
10. I understood the meaning of the proverb, "Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread" when I got married.

Let me take a break. Other important things that i discovered could be summarized with the following words: love, love, lots of love, my growing skills of persuasion, awareness of  my poor financial status and that I had been a fantastic counsellor to myself as much as I had been to others and that proper disciplined writing can be more motivating than random writing in blogs. hehehe

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intersting "self- discoveries"...enjoyed reading the post...