Saturday, August 27, 2011

how i helped two girls

The first girl is a student from a local community college. I teach English for school drop outs who can get a diploma from the university if they did a one year course in this college. ok? This particular day one of the girls seemed to be out of sorts. She is a tall, very skinny and dark girl; a very intelligent and a little unsocial, kinda stubborn girl. ok?
Raji: What's up ? you seem out of sorts
Antony: (that's her name) (looked at me without expression)
Muthu:(that's also a girl's name) her brother beat her
Raji: Why?
Geeta: He wants her to come to thirunelveli and get married immediately

Muthu: She cried all morning
Raji: you refused to go with him?
Anthony nodded
Raji: What did your mother do? She did not stop him?
Anthony: They both beat me. They beat me all through Saturday and Sunday.
Raji: What!!!! How could you let them? How can you allow anyone to beat  you ( I rephrased this several times like, " NO one should touch you, no one has the right to touch you blah blah ) ( ofcourse i didnt say it emotionally  but slowly and dramatically)
Anthony just stared at me. A 15 year old boy sitting next to me kept nodding his head , which encouraged me.
Raji: You should glare at him. Did you try that?
Anthony: If I did that he would beat me for that too. You are a girl and you dare to glare at an elder brother? That's what they would say.
Raji : So what if he still beats you. He will hesitate for a second. If you accept his beatings silently, he would go on beating. You should not let him beat you ....( again repeated this 2 0r 3 times and again the boy nodded, more to himself than to me.)

Anthony has styled her hair with a clip and looks charged
Raji: Hey what happened? Your brother left?
Anthony: Ma'am I bit him when he beat me. First I tried to glare at him. He said," How dare you glare at a brother?" and came to hit me, then I caught his hand and bit it.
Raji: Did he beat you after that?
Anthony: No, ma'am.. they were quiet and didn't beat me.
Raji: That's great. See... I told you...but you should be careful now. If you are careless, they will try to hurt you again.

End of that story
Then again I helped another girl write a mail  to her boy friend and dump him. In this case too the girl was an affected party.  Since I can't give the details, this goes into my CV in the most brief form as possible.Ofcourse, am messaging her a couple of times a day to check if she is ok.

End of both stories. interesting, huh?


Mr.Ess said...

ha!ha!first incident is interesting!but en maam oru couple-a pirikiringa???

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Empowerment. :)

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