Sunday, March 31, 2013

How we react to art, shows how we change, grow and mature over the years. I was watching an old black and white classic maya bazaar; the memorable scene in which the royals open the magic box which shows them what they love the most. I saw the Queen of Balarama open the box. Her eyes grew wide with greed as jewels and gold coins  appeared inside the box. I smiled, thinking how she was so much like some of my friends.
Then I remembered the moment,. I had watched this scene as a kid. I distinctly recollect being terrified by the expression of greed on this Queen's face, when I watched it that time. I had feared evil, as a kid. Now I was just amused and on top of that had a psychological explanation for all things negative.
I also look back at how my reaction to Archie comics changed over the years. When I was a kid, I had thought of them as "annas" (elder brothers) and akkas (elder sisters.) As a young woman, they had been, "those teenagers' to me and as I grew older they just shrunk from 'high school kids' to 'those kids'. 

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