Saturday, April 27, 2013

Marching on...
March was a month of changes. Relocation to a metro from a small town had me adapting in no time, because at heart I am a metro person, being born and educated in one, before I began my career in a small town.
After a short trip to the fascinating pink city, which is not pink at all, I quickly found myself, in a week, three jobs; two online and one offline; enough to sustain me through my stay here not just monetarily, but spiritually
The spiritually uplifting part is working with students and making them work. Two of my jobs are related to that. But I have also found a job that is downright immoral.Did not realize it at first because the website just said it was offering me writing assignments  for so many dollars. I took their grammar test; scored full that...took a number of tests on research methodologies and scored a bit less than 75%; was asked to send in an essay of two fifty words on a topic given to me.
Well I got selected and was working on different topics like novels, plays and newspaper articles,w hen it suddenly dawned on me that I was doing student assignments for a price. From one angle  it looked like this. After teaching just language for years and years, I was actually getting deeply involved with literature;  reading whole plays of Shakespeare, and acclaimed novels barely discussed in Indian colleges and brilliant works of lesser known eighteenth century and nineteenth century women play wrights...and the hard truth was that I was  making a mockery of a sincere teacher's attempts to make his or her students work.

I so love the job. No Indian college is going to pay me a decent salary to teach literature. I spend two to six hours a day soaking in literature, my first love. But when I read detailed teacher's descriptions of how exactly  he wants the essay, what aspects she wants discussed (that's how I realized that it was ghost writing, that too for students) I feel like such a cad.Am addicted to this website, and am online here all the time.I don't think I will stop doing this immoral job, till I think of something else to do. That's how selfish I turned out to be in this matter.


Mr.Ess said...

what happened to the old tamil words like "sathiyam","nyayam","dharmam" when did YOU(!!!) change like thissssssss?????????? O lord save our souls, for Satan has become so powerful and has started adulterating even the most pure minds...!! :(

Harini said...

A teacher helping students cheat another teacher. Not good.