Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some truths (logic) and a bit of confusion (magic?)

The page views on this blog have gone up suddenly....53 people have viewed my page today...some computer glitch??????
Any way i wanted to write about some truths i discovered in my life

1. We love our families the most
2. Age or ageing doesn't matter as much as we think it does.
3. We don't have to worry much as long as we have the ability to laugh.
4. Hard work is important, but we don't get, or I have not got the hang of it....Lots of people have commented on the amount of labour I do...but that's just donkey's work, as one of my well wishers pointed out...not really what i am capable of. The last bit about what i am capable of, is not my well wisher's comment but my own.He just calls me a donkey.
5. Everyone should work out and listen to music.
6. Our society needs role models of generosity. I read an article in The Hindu, which had published this one by a foreign correspondent, who had noticed that Indian billionaires have not yet got the habit of donating and doing good, as billionaires in some other countries are doing. His article said that philanthropy has not caught on in India.
7. All those who have been married for long periods and who have got their children settled should consider themselves to be single, in order to recapture some spirit into their lives. I don't mean they should play around, just that they should plan their time as singles would, and relax and enjoy life.
8. Blogging can drive away feelings that we are alone and have no one to share stuff with.

Coming back to the point about page views, the one i wrote about kho kho players a year back has had 127 page views..Weird...
How does that happen?????

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