Monday, January 7, 2013

you're my flashy neon sign
A Warm welcome to dine
Hey, I know it's not mine
your sparkle and your shine

I'm your tube light
  moulded to be most useful and bright
 slow starter flicker flicker 
I whine and whine, and then I glow

Stranded in the cross roads
I gape and grin at your flash
 flash is not food ; flash may be no good
but I happen to be there

You think a weary traveller like me
 would add a touch of mystery
But I'm not even hungry 
just so entertained by the glare

Though  i lived in a city of a thousand lights 
I never stopped to stare
But on this darkest of roads so  bare
your brilliance has no compare

I know it's not an ancient fire
that kept the nights warm and secure
But the blinking of the electric bulbs , the friendly jingle of your music 
Thanks, My weary heart did repair.

But then a host of guests appeared
I picked myself up and cleared
out.You see, when you travel light,with no baggage
Life is so much easier to steer.

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