Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lost Magic!!!

There is a huge post office near my daughter's office. It is at the corner of a street, surrounded by high walls, with a coat of brick red paint, and with a prominent bi- lingual board saying that it is The Post Office. I can imagine how the authorities of a bygone era might have conceived of it. Allotted a spacious piece of land , placed strategically in the most easily approachable part of the city, and close to the national highway! A public office altruistically designed to provide space for this public work and that public service.

Some lucky school graduates would have got appointed there. They would have spent busy days doing the important work of dispensing information to people from employers, from the government and from their near and dear. It was also part of a network of thousands and thousands such post offices.

Today it is dwarfed in stature as well as in status. Everyone uses the phone, or the internet or skype and its importance in the past is remembered by middle aged people like me who used to constantly peep into the mail box or peer into the street waiting for the post man. As for the construction itself, it is hardly a landmark in the middle of towering high rises. Hmmmmm!!!!

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