Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The confusing collage the world would make today!!!!!

What a strange world we live in!!! The television shows so many lives, each one varying from the others so much that no comparison is possible.
 On the one hand we have the yuppies shopping, touring  and fine dining; their lives swathed in layers and flavours of sophistication.
 Then there is a country that has legalized marijuana. Public can buy it without a prescription. More than 60 percent tax, I believe. Black market black market black market boom!

And then there are the asylum seekers, legal and illegal immigrants having strange futile adventures on sea, through forests, deserts.....

Terrorism, war, injury broken heads, destroyed homes, deaths and constant strife in certain parts of the world

The diligent hard working Japanese are battling a typhoon, while football fame and fall is being documented in detail.
All kinds of marginalized people are clamouring to be heard, and accidents are destroying the fabric of several lives into tatters

And there's me! middle class with comfort and indulgence being two parts of my middle name. Cloistered in the security provided by an uber traditional life and feeling guilty as hell!!

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