Sunday, December 21, 2014

I just realized something. When man makes an engine, he is trying to imitate nature. Nature has its own cycle, which to me, appears to begin with gravity.The gravitational pull of the sun keeps planets from flying away. The earth rotates on its orbit and we have day, night and the seasons. In addition to this, gravity on earth allows complex living things to form on it and thrive. It's kind of automatic.

This is what man attempts to replicate. When a key starts the ignition, it kick starts a process the machine moves, apparently on its own. So all machinery is man trying to capture the essentials of a natural process, and make it work for as long as possible for his own convenience.
And this is me with a blanket on top of the heater and that is my dog sharing the hot blanket. A good example of how we capture the heat with the blanket and stay warm the whole December day.

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