Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A puzzle beyond logic

Why do directors cast middle aged men as romantic leads? That too opposite a teen?
Was just watching a musical. This clearly not young, not romantic looking man is shown watching a girl bathing in a water fall. This actor was doing his best to look enamoured by 'the vision" traipsing in water.
I mean, is it possible for an actor that age to pull it off? why do these actors rehash feelings that they may have probably felt decades before?
And it was not meant to be comical. We are supposed to believe that this "young man" is in the throes of passion.

A successful romantic hero is one whose image can encapsulate the stuff a woman's dream is made of.
This person clearly wasn't that material and he was middle aged. He won't sell.
Stranger still was the moment in the movie when the girl catches him watching her. For some reason she is transfixed.
But she, actually pulled it off.

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